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Rock Canyon Oil Low Friction Diesel (LFD+) is a fuel specially formulated for off-road diesel engines. Mandates from the EPA have required increasingly lower sulfur levels in diesel fuel to lower emissions. However, the process used to remove sulfur has a negative side effect: the inherent lubricity of the fuel is stripped away. Lubricity is an important feature in fuel as it reduces friction and contributes to better fuel efficiency and longer engine life. LFD+ retains these critical lubricating properties and leads to better performance in your off-road engines.
LFD+ specification sheet (pdf)
Contact a fuel specialist and see how LFD+ can reduce engine wear in your fleet.


Rock Canyon Oil b200N is a premium Group I Base Oil used for a wide variety of industrial applications. b200N is unique because of its unusually high viscosity and corresponding Viscosity Index (VI). Viscosity Index measures how oil viscosity changes with temperature. When comparing two oils with similar viscosity, the oil with the higher VI will perform better as temperatures increase or decrease. b200N has a Viscosity Index over 120 making it a very versatile base oil suitable for many applications over a wide temperature range.
b200N specification sheet


Rock Canyon Oil Asphalt Extender Oil (AEO+) is derived from high quality Group II, Group III and synthetic oils. The performance characteristics of premium motor oils correlate to several very important desirable attributes in asphalt.

  • Low Wax
    Waxy asphalts become brittle in cold temperatures and soft in high temperatures. Virtually all oils Rock Canyon Oil re-refines into AEO+ are de-waxed.

  • Viscosity Index Improvers
    Motor oils use expensive polymers to improve viscosity index. These premium additives increase performance, viscosity and stability over a large range of temperatures. Asphalt benefits from these polymers too. A higher viscosity index leads to fewer cracks in winter and less bleeding and rutting in summer.

  • Cost Savings
    High polymer content in AOE+ may reduce or eliminate the need for adding expensive polymers or additives later.

Blending AEO+ with your asphalt base will cost-effectively improve the quality of your asphalt.
AEO+ specification sheet (pdf) Contact an oil specialist and see how LFD+ can reduce engine wear in your fleet.


Rock Canyon Oil RFO6 premium burner fuel is among the most efficient No. 6 Burner Fuels available. Suitable for a number of industrial applications, RFO6 boasts exceptionally high BTU/gallon and BTU/dollar ratios. With efficiency gains ranging from 6%-12% when compared to standard heating fuel, RFO6 can quickly improve your bottom line.
RFO6 specification sheet (pdf)
Contact a fuel specialist and see how LFD+ can reduce engine wear in your fleet.

Oil Collection Services

Rock Canyon Oil has a fleet of oil collection trucks serving all of Utah and southern Nevada. We have a network of lube shops, auto repair shops, auto dealerships, trucking companies, mines, asphalt/paving contractors, companies with fleets of vehicles, excavating contractors, city and county municipalities, mass transit, and waste haulers from which we collect used oil. Collected oil is introduced into our re-refining process to make the quality products listed above.

If you would like to Rock Canyon Oil collect the used oil generated at your facility, please speak with a collection specialist.