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What We Do

Rock Canyon Oil is a re-refiner of many petroleum products including: used motor oil, trans-mix (mix of virgin petroluem products), hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, and gear lube. Our fleet of collection trucks come to your site and properly remove products for recycling. Your used oil is critically important to our re-refining process. We would love to pick up your waste oil! Click on the Schedule a Service Online link in the upper right hand corner of this page to start pickup today.

At our advanced re-refining facility we distil and separate, renewing your used petroluem into many valuable products. Please visit our products page for a detailed listing of our products.

Company Mission Statement

We promise to:

Promote responsible re-refining of waste oil using state of the art facilities.
Expand operations by delivering reliable, responsive, customer service.
Provide safe employment and high quality of life for all associates.

Environmental Statement

We are very proud of our re-refining process. By recycling used motor oil into new oils and fuels, we reduce draw on limited natural resources. We treat our environmental stewardship very seriously. Even our plant is designed to impact the environment as little as possible with annual emissions totaling less than what 4 cars emit in a year.